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Traditional TV broadcasting is nearing its end and is being actively substituted by streaming services like Netflix and YouTube.

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Our team is joining professionals of advertising industry and YouTube channels.

Meet Arnold

The channel is available in different languages:

Entertaining and educational cartoon series. Its events take place in the parallel universe, which is almost like ours but with one small difference - it’s possible to do anything there: You can drink 10 liters of coffee, jump out of the plane from 30,000 ft with no parachute and survive, drive your car into the epicenter of a tornado, take a journey into the black hole, after that you can go to the bottom of Mariana Trench, become whale’s feed, get out of there, then spend 30 days in a barrel full of coca-cola, drive your car into space, spend 60 seconds in vacuum with no space suit on, survive that, fall into lava, be buried alive and get out of there, meet aliens and try to escape from them with your brains untouched. This is how ordinary days look like for the main character. What happens to him and his body during these adventures - you will get to know in our series.


The channel is available in different languages:

Scientific and educational project aimed at returning the viewers’ childish curiosity and passion for discovering the world around us, that is with us since our birth but is lost when we grow 20-30 years old and become consumed by the daily routine of adulthood. We believe this to be of extreme importance in the era of digital technologies and clip thinking! In its videos, Ridddle is trying to deliver to young generations and their parents, the understanding of how wonderful the world we live in is, how satisfactory can be its exploration, how important it is to do science and most importantly, how all of this can get interesting.

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